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Loss DOES NOT  have to be a LONELY PLACE

Because every process of grief is different, emotions are messy, and pain gets real. "I'm 'ok'" is a book written with the intent to break stereotypes of what it means to be "strong" during loss and tragedies. Emotions were created with a purpose. They were not meant to be hidden, repressed and shamed.

Navigating Through Grief & Tragedy  in a World of Performance

Our world celebrates lack of emotional expression that, sometimes, can turn into an unrealistic & toxic cycle. How are you processing all the feelings that come during grief; sadness, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety & more? Are you giving others (and sometimes yourself) a false sense of being in "control"?

Losing someone or something you love really hurts. In "I'm 'ok'" we talk about the realities that grief brings and how to manage the impact of it in our lives. 

Why is this book for you?

We live in a performance based world: "work & do, but don't show emotion". But emotions weren't meant to be repressed or ignored. Loss and tragedy are overwhelming and they are events of life that we all experience. How to we process these feelings? Are we allowing ourselves to be transparent & vulnerable about our emotions?

In I'm "ok", Joann shares her experience with tragedies and how she navigated through them. She gives a christian & spiritual perspective, as well as psychological concepts.

This book is for the ones who have gone through loss and to the ones taking care of those grieving.


"Amazing! a real way to process grief and anxiety. 100% recommended"
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