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Prior to your appointment

  • We're excited to see you! If this is your first time, please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out important forms. 

  • Arrive to your facial with no makeup on & wear comfortable clothing. 

  • Do not exfoliate nor use strong active ingredients like retinol, AHA and others 48 hrs prior the service. 

  • Avoid sun exposure before your skin treatment.

  • Keep in mind that AFTER your facial you must NOT wear makeup, sweat, be exposed to sun nor heat, wash the face the same day, exfoliate/use AHA ingredients for at least a week, use or touch the face with dirty hands or objects.

  • Payment method: Cash, cashapp, credit card or debit card. WE DO NOT ACCEPT APPLE PAY. A card on file is required prior your appointment due to our policies of no show, lateness, cancellations and others. For more information about cards on file, see our Frequently Asked Questions. 

  • ***** By booking your appointment, you have read & agreed with all of our Policies  *****

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