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Allow me to introduce myself

Vanie Complexions. JoannVanie

¡Hola! I'm Joann, Jo, JoJo, or my mom's favorite, Juana.


I grew up in Naranjito, Puerto Rico in a small "barrio de campo", although I'm currently located at Orlando, Florida. I grew up in church, hence why my passion to help & serve others. It was there where my music abilities were developed and my love for God took place.


I enjoy doing many things; I am a licensed esthetician/business owner, social worker, writer, professional singer, writer and a highly creative individual.

Some of my accomplishments

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I've had the great honor to perform as a vocalist, be on TV/radio shows, live recordings, studio recordings, with amazing christian grammy award winners and grammy nominated artists, both in English and Spanish. I've been featured in Orlando Voyager Magazine, "Bonita Find" podcast & Elise Esthetics Institute Student Spotlight Series. That was a fun experience! I became a Licensed Esthetician when I decided to do career change at 30 years old (I know, big leap of faith!). I don't regret this decision, since not only am I passionate about skin care and beauty, but I get the opportunity to help others and break beauty standards & stereotypes. I am the owner of "Vanié Complexions" where I perform facials and skin care treatments. This business was voted and awarded "best of Florida 2023" regional winner. My desire is to see more latinxs, black and male individuals represented in the beauty industry. Skin care changes lives! 

I wrote a book about grief & loss called <<I'm "ok">> and <<Estoy "bien">> in Spanish. I believe that emotions were not created by God to be repressed or ignored. In this book I share my story with loss and I provide tools for those experiencing it as well. 

Although I enjoy being on stage and leading others in different ways, I consider myself a quiet-extroverted. I'm usually the reserved woman who's always in deep thoughts. I've known grief, sorrow and anxiety very closely, this is why I'm a mental health advocate. I love my familia, my dogs Zac & Toby, food and anything that requires beauty, art & creativity. My first language is Español and I enjoy being a latina. I know that my life isn't the most impressive and achievable one, but I hope that what I have to share with you and my community serves as inspiration, value and guidance towards purpose, growth & wholeness. 

Why Vanié? 

What does Vanié mean? Let me explain it to you. There's a lot of hispanic culture behind Vanié. In the hispanic community we get to inherit both of our parents' last names. Also, when a woman marries a man, she gets to keep her father's last name and not her husband's. My father's last name is Vázquez and my mother's last name is Nieves. I put both of them together to create Vanié (VAzquez - NIEves).


How do you pronounce it? Play the track below:

There you have it!

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