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I'm an Esthetician
and I do many Creative things

Esthetician, singer, author & creative. Because life is too short to do just one thing. 

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Allow me to introduce myself ¡Hola! I'm Joann, Jo, JoJo, or my mom's favorite, Juana. I grew up in Naranjito, Puerto Rico in a small "barrio de campo", although I'm currently located at Orlando, Florida. I grew up in...


Skin care Vanie Vanié complexions esthetician cuidado de la piel esteticista orlando florida skin services facials

Your Complexion deserves professional care. My commitment is to provide you a complete and thorough service that is not only an enjoyable experience, but possesses real skin results. Your skin is...

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Because every process of grief is different, emotions are messy, and pain gets real. "I'm 'ok'" is a book written with the intent to break stereotypes of what it means to be "strong" during loss and tragedies. Emotions were...


Skin care is not just a Luxury. It changes  lives.


Meet Joann

Singer Author Esthetician

A latina from a small "barrio" in Puerto Rico who is passionate about helping others through her knowledge, creativity and passions. 


"Trust! This beautiful lady is the ultimate professional, knowledgeable, and will get your skin right! Check her out, you will be so pleased with your results. Thank you Joann!"



Bonita Find Podcast 

Orlando Voyager 

Elise Esthetics Institute

Best of Florida 2023 Winner 

Bold Journey Magazine

Esta es la que hay Podcast

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