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any skin type, acne breakouts, congested skin, uneven skin tone, textured skin, hyperpigmentation, dull skin.


75 min

Chemical Peels



Chemical peels are a deep form of skin exfoliation. During this treatment we utilize a chemical solution with ingredients that will remove layers of the skin. Depending on the ingredients in the forumla, you can achieve different results like; clear skin, even skin tone, less texture, less fine lines, smaller pore size, brighter skin & more.

We offer two peels:

PURE PEEL: Hello clear skin! The combination of ingredients in this peel can treat acne breakouts & skin inflammation. It can be used even on sensitive skin to treat acne breakouts. This light peel contains azelaic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid & salicylic acid.

GLOW PEEL: Bright and even skin tone? yes please! The ingredients on this peel have depigmenting properties that exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. It is safe for darker complexions as well. This peel contains glycolic acid, mandelic acid, kojic acid & alpha-arbutin.

If you are indecisive about what service would be good for you, scheduling a Skin Consultation is the best option (it is free for first time clients).

This facial includes: double cleanse, peel (glow peel or pure peel), extractions, soothing mask to calm skin after the peel, serums, moisturizer & SPF. 

Recommended Add-ons

Add any of the following treatments to your base service.

Untitled design.png
Firming Peptide Mask
Untitled design.png
Cold Globe Massage
Untitled design.png
Guasha Massage
Untitled design.png
Oxygen Infusion
Untitled design.png
Facial Massage
Untitled design.png
High Frequency
Untitled design.png

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